• Best ways to start triathlon training

    If you like running, swimming and biking, and have ever competed in any or all of these activities, then you should look into triathlon training. In a triathlon, you spend half of the race biking, 20% is swimming and 30% is running. While it is difficult to do, it is extremely rewarding.


    First and foremost, you need to know that there are three types. They are categorized by the length of each of the activities. The Iron Man is the longest and the most popular. However, if you are new to triathlon, it is best to work your way up. The shortest is the sprint tri. The next level is Olympic level and then the Iron Man.


    You probably already have a bike, helmet, running shoes, and water belt. If you do not, you need to get them before you can begin training. You will also need a top quality tri-suit in order to compete.


    Once you have obtained the necessary gear. Since it is already expected that you were already into the various sports, you should not need swimming lessons. However, if there is a swimming class that is specific for you needs, you may want to include it in your schedule and sign up for it.


    When you do begin training, remember that it is quality over quantity. Short workouts are fine, as long as you reach the goals you have set for yourself. After all, you have a life outside of the gym and the pool. You can live it, train, and not feel guilty.


    Just be sure that you are working on all three aspects at some point during each week. If you only train in the parts that you like and are good at, you will never improve on the sections you are neglecting. Be sure to keep a schedule so you rotate your workouts. If you cannot get to a particular aspect, say it is raining and the pool is closed, switch it up and run on the treadmill. You can swim tomorrow.


    As the race gets closer, you need to start to combine them and work on two things back to back. The hardest combination is biking and then running. It is hard on the body. Therefore, you may want to start slow. Bike the entire length you will in the race and then run a mile. Once you feel comfortable, you can increase your running distance.


    Once you have mastered biking and then running, you then need to add on swimming. Swimming is the first of the three sports when you compete in a triathlon. For a newbie, it can be overwhelming to be in the water with so many other people. You need to find the right stroke to calm your nerves so that you can compete to be best of your ability.


    As with any workout or competition, you need to stay properly hydrated. You also need to eat properly every day and not overdo it on race day. If you do not eat healthy meals, you will not be successful.


    As with any activity, if you psych yourself up and tell yourself you can do it, you will.

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